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Here is our tiny fox cub which was rescued from a garden in Southport by staff at Woodlands.

The cub was found by a couple who were concerned about his welfare, with mum was nowhere to be seen..

When he arrived he was very hungry, after a good feed, staff completed a 220 mile round trip to take him to a specialist rescue center in Cumbria.

“The centre staff think he is around four weeks old and they will now continue his rehabilitation until he is big enough to release back into the wild.”

We have recently taken in a little badger, she is on the mend now and if all goes to plan this will be the last cute photo and  we will only see a tail disappearing once she feels better :)

She has been with us since the 15th May and she is now a huge amount more feisty. She has made a nest and is eating well so cautiously optimistic, she may be returning to her sett sooner than we could have hoped for.

As this is an unusual case that we have taken on, we are offering you the option to "Name the Badger" whilst helping to support the Sanctuary. For each £5 donation you can offer a name for this beautiful little girl! 


A big thank you once again to the customers at Dobbies Southport who donated a brilliant £208.52 at our collection / teddy bear tombola in store today. A huge thank you also to our amazing band of fundraisers , Jeanette, Jean, Vickie, Angie and Yvonne who gave up their time to help today.

We mustn't forget our 4 legged helpers Bert and Ernie, our pygmy goats and Molly and Parker our doggie helpers who are so well behaved and seriously cute !
We are bagpacking at M & S Southport next Saturday and are collecting with our lovely goats at Morrison's next Sunday and still need help at both events if you can spare any time please.

Molly and Parker helping raise much needed funds for the Sanctuary at Dobbies today above.

Consider making a donation to Woodlands Animal Sanctuary today. We really appreciate your donations, big or small, they help us continue the amazing work we do!

Click Here to make a donation

Our September 2015 Newsletter is now available to view online. Take a look by simply clicking here. Thanks everyone for your support and enjoy reading! 

Calling all our supporters who live , shop or work in Southport, Ormskirk, Preston, Chorley or Leyland . We are delighted that we have been nominated to take part in a charity competition being held by the Nationwide Bank branches in the above places.

The winner is the charity that ends up with the most votes. All you have to do is drop in to any of the above branches a drop one of their little blue counters into the woodlands box. W

e need loads of votes to help us win the £500 prize so please ask friends & family to vote for us too. Voting goes on until early February . Please help ! Thanks x

January Appeal
Buy a Bale for Beanie

Help Beanie (as well as our other animals) during these colder winter months by buying them a bale of straw!




Bobby hasn't had a home for a long time and survived on what he could until a kind householder took pity on him and started providing daily feeds for him.
It took her several months to gain his confidence, when she brought him to us.
He has had a full veterinary check up, been tested for Aids and Leukaemia, neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.
Bobby has his battle scars but is in fine health now although he hates Cattery life and is very wary of Strangers
but still the perfect gentleman, never attempting to hurt anyone. 

He needs a home with no other cats and patient loving owners prepared to give him plenty of time to adjust to the good life he so deserves.
Can he share your home this Christmas ? Please call 01704 823293 for more details






Well look who has come to live at Woodlands !

"Jelly Bean (Beanie)" and "Dolly Mixture (Dolly)" arrived last Wednesday
and saw one of our vets on Thursday as they had not been vaccinated.
She found Beanie needed urgent dental treatment and both had lice which
have been addressed. They are now settling in and will join our permanent
residents at Woodlands. You may see them at future fundraising events so
watch this space ! To donate towards their cause go to






Tickets are now available for our quiz night at Formby on 29 November price £12 which includes hot pot supper with apple pie . There is no bar so bring your own booze & glasses. All proceeds to the Sanctuary.
Why not get a team up from your workplace or friends ? Have a fun night out & help raise funds for the Sanctuary at the same time.
Tickets from the Sanctuary




I am very sad to say that "Finn" our beautiful ex racehorse was given eternal sleep on Veterinary advice.
It is thought the tumour from Cushings disease was intermittently putting pressure on his brain and medication had failed to control it.
We also let George and Chloe, our very elderly sheep go to Rainbow Bridge as the vets last attempt at controlling severe arthritis wasn't working,
they were 12 years old and we hand reared them as orphans.
I stayed with them all as always and take comfort in knowing it was the right thing to do.

I would like to thank the team here today, Amanda, Hannah, Lauren, Sally and Megan  for coping so well and caring for all our many rescued animals at such a sad time, also Steph from Rufford Veterinary Group, my fellow Trustees and friends for their support, Leighanne, Finns former owner who rushed over to give support,

Vickie who on honeymoon sent me beautiful flowers and most of all my son Anthony who gave up his day to help organise and give me support.
We rarely do praise for humans, it's all about the animals but this has shown what a wonderful team we have.
RIP Finn, George and Chloe, run free over Rainbow Bridge, you will be so missed.

Our October 2014 Newsletter is now available to view online. Take a look by simply clicking here. Thanks everyone for your support and enjoy reading! 

Well there has been a lot going on "behind the scenes" here in the last few weeks as "Finn" our rescued ex racehorse suffered several attacks of "Bloat" a potentially life threatening condition in horses, (of course it had to be out of hours for an emergency vet twice) and I spent most of several nights up with him in case it reoccurred.

On veterinary advice we agreed to several blood tests which have shown he has developed Cushings disease, an incurable but manageable with medication benign tumour affecting older horses.

So his daily pill has started which he will require for the rest of his life and it doesn't come cheap so if anyone can help us with the cost we will be so grateful.

It's ironical that he has won £330,000 in his racing life and we have to fund his much deserved retirement but then who said life was fair !

Fancy abseiling in the dark? Mountain Monkeys are hosting an evening abseiling at Denham Quarry between Preston and Chorley.

If you want a space the cost is £12.50 per head and then you will need to get sponsors!

The date is Wednesday 12th November! Let us know if you want a space as they are limited and go very quickly!

Today we did our first ever collection at Central Station in Liverpool where we raised a very useful £104.80 and helped raise public awareness about the Sanctuary.

Many thanks to Ruby , Karl, Daisy and Jan for giving up their time to come along and help - we couldn't do it without your continued support xx

We would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support in helping us continue our wonderful work! It is much appreciated! :)

We have longed to have a new maternity unit but after lots of thought we have decided to have a move around which will benefit both hedgehogs and cats. We would like to purchase a summerhouse, insulate it, put plumbing in and electrics and build a hedgehog unit in it!

This will allow us to double our intake of hedgehogs. It will also release a room for isolation facilitates. We then will move our semi feral unit and replace that with five new kitten houses!

So the first thing needed is a new summerhouse! Can you donate towards this project before the price of summerhouse goes up again!!

Find out more here.

Resident Horses and Ponies

Fin, our ex race horse came into the shelter earlier this year at nearly 20 kilos under weight we had a lot of work to do! Fin has settled into Woodlands and is getting on great with our ponies, his weight has increased and his progress is excellent! He loves cuddles from everyone and we all love him! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped donate and help towards fin.
Below is a picture of Fin and how he has come along:

The picture below shows Maggie and Merlin who are now the best of friends. We would like to thank Alan Dawber (Hope Horse Whispering) for all his help.


We received a call about the plight of three shetland pony foals that through no fault of their own had found themselves homeless. They had a home for two but the third faced a very uncertain future and had to spend a night in the freezing cold in a back garden, with no shelter. On first inspection the pony now named Merlin was very underweight, wild and full of worms.
Maggie arrived in July 2011, she came from Dartmoor in similar circumstances as Minnie and Milo. She arrived very frightened, suffering from starvation and worm infestation. She had a private sponsor that paid her initial expenses, so our job was to feed her up from near starvation.


May 2011
Well haven't they come on ! Milo has been gelded, they are both fully wormed and vaccinated and nearly have brand new shiny summer coats. Now halter trained and confident (thanks to Alan Dawber for all his time and help) they happily mix with the other farm residents and are looking forward to the spring grass and a lazy summer being foals ! (very lucky ones) A special thanks to Mary Tyler and all those involved in the fantastic rescue and re-homing of the unwanted Dartmoor Hill Ponies. If you can help us to help them by sponsoring Minnie and Milo please give us a call, Thank you.


UPDATE 10th FEBRUARY 2011 Minnie and Milo are coming round quickly, Shamus our vet came out to see them today and advised on medications as they are very itchy but it is difficult to treat as we still can't handle them. We have spent hours sat on their stable floor gaining their trust. Milo is more confident than Minnie but she is coming on well. Milo gave Michelle a little kiss today and both of them have let us put a lead rope over their neck. More progress reports to follow...


Minnie & Milo, our two rescued Dartmoor Hill Ponies, arrived at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary at 2.30pm on Tuesday 1st February. After an exhausting journey from Plymouth, they were greeted by excited volunteers from the Sanctuary, who are looking forward to making a difference to their lives.
We were made aware that 700 ponies (mostly foals) were shot on Dartmoor and a further unspecified number of ponies were exported alive to Italy to be killed for their skins. After much thought, we decided to rescue 2 ponies to eliminate the possibility of the dreadful fate above that could so easily have been them.

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