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Our October 2014 Newsletter is now available to view online. Take a look by simply clicking here. Thanks everyone for your support and enjoy reading! 

Well there has been a lot going on "behind the scenes" here in the last few weeks as "Finn" our rescued ex racehorse suffered several attacks of "Bloat" a potentially life threatening condition in horses, (of course it had to be out of hours for an emergency vet twice) and I spent most of several nights up with him in case it reoccurred.

On veterinary advice we agreed to several blood tests which have shown he has developed Cushings disease, an incurable but manageable with medication benign tumour affecting older horses.

So his daily pill has started which he will require for the rest of his life and it doesn't come cheap so if anyone can help us with the cost we will be so grateful.

It's ironical that he has won £330,000 in his racing life and we have to fund his much deserved retirement but then who said life was fair !

Fancy abseiling in the dark? Mountain Monkeys are hosting an evening abseiling at Denham Quarry between Preston and Chorley.

If you want a space the cost is £12.50 per head and then you will need to get sponsors!

The date is Wednesday 12th November! Let us know if you want a space as they are limited and go very quickly!

Today we did our first ever collection at Central Station in Liverpool where we raised a very useful £104.80 and helped raise public awareness about the Sanctuary.

Many thanks to Ruby , Karl, Daisy and Jan for giving up their time to come along and help - we couldn't do it without your continued support xx

We would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support in helping us continue our wonderful work! It is much appreciated! :)

We have longed to have a new maternity unit but after lots of thought we have decided to have a move around which will benefit both hedgehogs and cats. We would like to purchase a summerhouse, insulate it, put plumbing in and electrics and build a hedgehog unit in it!

This will allow us to double our intake of hedgehogs. It will also release a room for isolation facilitates. We then will move our semi feral unit and replace that with five new kitten houses!

So the first thing needed is a new summerhouse! Can you donate towards this project before the price of summerhouse goes up again!!

Find out more here.

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